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May 9, 2019

It’s not everyday we get to interview a Emmy Award winning tv host, author, and cook. But on today's show, we did just that! Lara Lyn Carter talks about making a huge life change for herself and her family when they decided to cut out all gluten and refined sugar. Now, this is a feat for most people, but most people aren't famous for their savory, southern recipes. Like any authentic cook and author, Lara Lyn’s recipes made the big change with her. In the episode, she tells about how she spent the first 90 days, creating a new gluten and refined sugar-free recipe each day!

In her latest cookbook, Skinny Southern (which sold out on Amazon in just 12 days, might we add) She shares those recipes and many more! Lara Lyn continues to create in the kitchen with simple, healthy meals that don't require a bunch of special ingredients and are husband and children approved. 

We also dive into her successful career, how you don’t need to have a timer on achieving your goals, and what advice she would give to women trying to live out their dreams. We had a blast chatting with her and we hope you guys enjoy this interview as much as we did! 


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