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Dec 5, 2019

WOW! Can you believe it is December? We love this time of year and are super excited to do an episode that our Facebook Community voted on. We are giving you some unique and inexpensive gift ideas today! Most of them are off of Amazon, but some of them are out of the box experiences or personalized items that our family has loved. We give you ideas for teachers, friends, husbands, parents, and girlfriends! Hopefully after you listen, you will start checking off some gifts from your list and start to relax for the holidays!

Everything that we talk about in this episode you can find in the links below to reference back to easily.

*We do earn commission on the Amazon items if you purchase through our link. 

Megan’s Gift Ideas
Mattress Topper
Silk Scarf
Bath Bombs
To-Do Sheets

Courtney's Gift Ideas:
Cultivate What Matters: Write the word
31 Prayers for the Dreamer and Doer
Sheet masks
Water Wow coloring books
Travel activity Tray
Concerts on DVD 
Warrior Necklace:
Personalized Wall Calendar:
Quality Photo Wall Canvas:
Discovery Flight - Search your area on google but here is what it looks like at an aviation school near us.