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Nov 12, 2019

Holy cow! Business Series of the Unshaken Podcast is live in the world! Wow! Can you say “excited?!” In our Biz Series premier, I tell my story. Who is Megan Stratton? Why is she adding a new episode each week? What is it going to be about? And most important of all, What is this chick going to teach me? Well sister friend, let me break it down for you!


We are going to be talking all things pitching, selling, closing, and converting in a way that feels authentic and fool proof. My career has taken me down many paths and training people on how to effectively storytell and gain more clients and clarity is kinda my zone of genius! This episodes are going to be packed with takeaways and action items that you can put to work right away. Thank you for joining me on Tuesdays and get ready to level up! 

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