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Mar 26, 2020

Two areas I can always improve on are COMMUNICATION and LISTENING! I do not think any of us truly master either one in a lifetime. Both skills are needed in the workplace and in our personal lives. From learning how to communicate more efficiently with your boss, to active listening to your husband, our guest today can give us some tips on how to spiff up our skills! Bridget Boursiquot is LICSW with over 12 years in the field. She specializes in premarital counseling, unhealthy relationship patterns, difficult transitions, and anxiety/stress, and parenting concerns.

In this episode, she breaks down how we can better our relationships through active listening and positive communication. We dive into love languages and how those can be used to become a better partner to our spouse.  Bridget knew she had a gift of helping people at a young age. She also knew she wanted to take that gift and make it into a business. We chat through how she was able to do that and how she has helped people from across the country through her practice.


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