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Aug 8, 2019

Ah, Enneagram. It has become something that we find ourselves asking people when we meet. “So, what’s your enneagram?” As soon as they answer, you feel like you know a little more about them on a deeper level. In this episode, we chat with Enneagram Coach, Krisit Rowles who gives us the 101 on how this personality type test can be used to better your relationships. She chats with us about how different Enneagram types work well together, how to use your type at work, and in your marriage or friendships. The applications for Enneagram in the world are vast and Kristi is a master and walking us through as beginners. We learned our types and why we are the dynamic duo when it comes to working together! It was such a fun episode. So now, we are dying to know… What’s your Enneagram!?


Curious? Take the Enneagram RHETI test HERE and let us know your type! We will be sharing all about it in our Facebook Community:


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