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Aug 15, 2019

Money, Money, Money! We are chatting all about the dollar bills today, yall! Money is one of those topics that can seem taboo. “It isn’t polite to talk about money” or “I hate it when people brag about how much money they are making” seem to be two common responses when fiances come up... Not today!  We sit down with Yolanda Boyarin, a Spiritual Money Mindset Coach. She gives us the down low and how to manifest money into your life and break down barriers that you have about your finances. Whether you are needing extra cash for a house project or wanting to switch your side hustle to your full time career, Yolanda has advice that is life changing! 

From telling us about how her uncle won the lottery to teaching herself how to make thousands on Poshmark, you are guaranteed to learn more about making money after you tune in to this episode! Make that money, honey!

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