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Mar 7, 2019

Have you ever sat down for an interview and wished you were the person on the other side of the table?! Or wondered what that person was thinking? What they thought about you? How did they even find you? Why did they pick you? Did they see the pictures you posted on Instagram from the tailgate on Saturday, GEEES I hope not! People don’t really look at that stuff anyway… right?!?…..

Well, you are in luck because on Episode Five we get all the details; where hiring mangers look for new prospects, how to nail your interview questions, when should you bring up salary or benefits and more. Jamie Bianchi chats about what recruiters look for online, how she relaxes from her corporate gig, and why she made a choice about social media that may shock you. We know this episode is loaded with tons of tangible advice so have your pen and paper at the ready!

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