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Mar 7, 2019

An Answer to the Burning Question… What do women REALLY want for Valentine’s Day?

We dive into what Courtney and Megan really want for this holiday as well as give you our top 5 tips for showing yourself some love this February 14. These are 5 tips that you can use anytime of the year to refuel your soul and refill your cup. We know if we are fulfilled inside, we can Love on our friends and family, give grace and serve other SOOO much better!

Plus some funny conversations that should be bloopers but Megan convinced Courtney should be left in the episode {#Facepalmemoj


Date Night Ideas:

  • Live Music

  • Escape Room (Fun with or without the kids)

  • Indoor Skydiving

  • Trampoline Park (Also fun with or without the kids)

  • Cooking or some type of class together

  • Live Comedian

  • Vineyard for Wine Tasting

  • Build something together (New coffee table, Floating Shelves, anything you want- Also works well as a gift for V-day)

  • Board Games and Pizza (or any favorite home cooked meal)

  • Bonfire, Music, and Dinner on the Patio

  • Couples Massages

  • Dave and Busters

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride

  • Take a Discovery Flight in an Airplane (They will let you fly, land and take off sometimes